Water FITMAT - Core & Stretch

Focuses on core strength, mobility, and flexibility. All fitness levels welcome. 45 minute class on the floating FITMATs in the Rec Pool.


Do I have to wear a swimsuit? We recommend wearing athletic clothes and bringing a change of clothes after class.

What can I expect during a water FITMAT class? Each class will be a little bit different. The workout is performed on the floating FITMAT. Core classes use bands and Fit swim is cardio based.

Are the FITMATS free-floating? No, each FITMAT will be attached to the lane lines. There will still be a small amount movement, but you won’t be floating around the pool.

If I get wet, will I be cold for the entire class? No, due to the temperature of the pool and the temperature in the room both being warm, you shouldn’t get cold if you get wet.

Aqua Cardio Fit

This class includes solid aerobic conditioning and toning work using resistive
equipment. Modifications are demonstrated to accommodate minor joint limitations. All swimming abilities are welcome.

H2O Challenge

H2O Challenge is a balance of high-energy aerobics and strength training. We use the full length of the pool using various aqua tools and interval training to add a challenge to your current workout routine.

Aqua Fit and Fun

Aqua Fit and Fun is for anyone who loves the water and wants a fun full body
workout with tunes that make you want to move. This class includes cardio, strength, balance, flexibility and of course fun! Class is primarily done in the shallow end of the pool and the ability to swim is not required. Beach volleyball last 15 minutes of class, Wednesday & Friday 10:00 class only. This class is for all ability levels.

Aqua Gentle Joints

Aqua Gentle Joints is for anyone who loves the water but wants some emphasis put on helping arthritic joints feel better. The objective is to improve heart health, strength, balance and flexibility that begin to diminish as we age or from living a sedentary life. Class is primarily done in the shallow end of the pool and the ability to swim is not required. This class is for all ability levels. 


A pool workout for beginning to advanced exercisers focusing on cardio and strength training. Most of the class will be spent in the shallow end. Typically, 2-8 minutes every class in spent in the deep end working abs, treading water, and strength training. Aqua gloves are recommended but not required. All ability levels are welcome. 

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