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How to Choose a Group Fitness Class

Think about what you like to do. What activities do you enjoy, or did you enjoy in the past? Try thinking back to when you were a kid. Have you always enjoyed swimming? An aqua class might be the right fit for you. If you liked riding bikes when you were younger, cycle might be a good fit. Maybe you really enjoy music – our Les Mills classes use great music to motivate you throughout a scientifically based workout. Zumba and Barre are great options. Mind-body classes can be a great fit for people who prefer a slower pace more focused workout. Looking for something more unique? Try our classes on Stand-Up Paddle Boards. Many of our classes are also offered through the

Other things to consider:

  • When is a good time you can make it to the gym? Look on the schedule for classes offered at the time.
  • Do you have any injuries or joint problems? Depending on the injury, you might need to scale back in a class or choose a different class.  Chair, aqua and mind-body classes can be a good option in this case.
  • What is your ability level?
  • What results are you looking for? HIIT classes are great for increasing metabolism and creating lean muscle mass. BODYPUMP is group strength training. Cardio based classes are a fun way to improve your heart health. Take a class that lines up with the results that you want.

Try a lot of classes. Sometimes the best plan is process of elimination or trail and error. You might not like every class – and that’s ok! Not every class is going to be your favorite and it can take a while to build confidence. Keep trying and keep coming back. You will find something that you enjoy, and then making it to the gym is easy.

Group of people exercising with dumbbells in the fitness club or gym.

Before your first class:

  • Read the class description (available on the website and in the app) for class specific information on what to expect. Some classes require shoes, while other classes require bare feet or toe socks.
  • Bring water. We provide sweat towels. Pick one up at the front desk or in the studio.
  • If possible, arrive early. The instructor will help you get set up with the correct equipment for class and what to expect. This is a great time to let the instructors know about injuries or limitations that you have.

During your first class:

  • Remember everyone was a beginner at one point. Being self-conscious is normal; however, other participants are focused on their workout and most likely not watching you.
  • Take breaks as you need – this is always ok! Go at your own pace. Do what you can.
  • Most importantly, have fun!

After your first class (or any new class):

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Stretch
  • Expect some muscle soreness in the next few days. Muscle soreness comes from new movement. As your body acclimates to the new movement, you will be less sore. (more info)

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