Feeling stuck might mean that you’re stuck in certain eating habits or with exercise. How do you make a decision and move beyond confusion and into action?

Welcome to the FLOWER hack from confusion to decision.  F-L-O-W-E-R is an acronym to help us move beyond confusion, being stuck and making a decision.

Here is FLOWER outlined:

  • Future self – What your wise self 10 years older would say?
  • Love – What would you love to do?
  • Options – What other options are there to choose?
  • Win win – Imagine that all options are good, that you can’t lose.
  • End point – Pick a deadline to make a decision.
  • Regret – What would you regret by not doing something?

Try using FLOWER for decisions like planning your work out schedule for the week or choosing a few meals to cook this week.  Your confidence will grow as well as your health.

Please contact me at devorahwernercoach@gmail.com if you would like help in implementing healthy habits into your life.

Devorah Werner, PA-C, RD, MSW Certified Health Coach